Our Mission

We want to help companies to use wireless communication without a depth RF-knowledge. Our solutions have the intention to bring an Easy-To-Use appproach.

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About easyRF

What we do

We develop, manufacture and sell wireless communication systems with an easy-to-use approach.

  • In-house production
  • Good quality control
  • Excellent technical support
  • Flexible in production volumes
  • Attractive prices

Why choose us?

Our engineers have a good knowledge of the needs in the market. With their long experience in the RF- and industrial-market the engineers are able to design the best solutions.

Standard Product

We offer a range of standard products, which will fit in most applications. We are always looking to extend the product-range.


We are flexible to make hardware and software adjustments on the standard products, we are open to discuss this with the customer.


Our engineers are able to design a full industrial applications, with or without an RF-design .